Egg ingredients are used in a number of our products. Where this is the case, egg will appear in the products ingredients list.

We have limited the use of egg ingredients to certain areas of our factory and we have rigorous controls in place including segregation and detailed cleaning to minimise the risk of cross contamination of those products not containing egg.  Whilst we endeavour to remove all traces of egg there are a few high risk production lines where we cannot guarantee complete removal of all egg traces. Where this is the case, these products are labelled with the statement ‘May contain egg traces.’ These products are not suitable for egg allergy sufferers.

There is no recognised safe level of egg protein for egg allergy sufferers. As a result, despite our rigorous controls, due to the presence of egg within our manufacturing lines and chocolate systems, it is not our policy to label our products as egg free. However, as part of our ongoing allergen risk assessment program, we have considered the risk of egg cross contamination on those manufacturing lines that produce advent calendars, large Easter eggs and chocolate lolly’s. Egg ingredients are not used on these lines and as a result, these products do not carry a ‘may contain egg traces’ warning.