Paw Patrol Egg & Bar
Paw Patrol Mealtime Set
Paw Patrol Mug & Egg
Paw Patrol Egg Heads
Paw Patrol Stubbies
Paw Patrol Round Lolly
Paw Patrol 3 Pack Lollipops
Paw Patrol 4 Pack Lollipops
Paw Patrol 6 Pack Bars

Discover our delicious range of Paw Patrol Milk Chocolates. Made with the Kinnerton nut safe chocolate and free from artificial flavours

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Paw Patrol Egg and Bar
Paw Patrol Easter Gift Set
Paw Patrol Mug and Egg
Paw Patrol Egg Heads
Paw Patrol Milk Chocolate Treats
All Year Round
Milk Chocolate Lollipop
3 Pack Milk Chocolate Lollipops
4 Pack Milk Chocolate Lollipops
6 Pack Milk Chocolate Bars

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